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The Whiskey Journal, Issue 3: Interview with Martin Sexton

MARTIN SEXTON-Muscian- Recently, Whiskey Leatherworks did an interview for the fantastic southern blog- Red Clay Soul. The last question in that interview was:"What music is playing in the Whiskey Leatherworks shop?" First on our list was Martin Sexton.  We have been listening to the lyrical mysticism of Mr. Sexton for the better part of 25 years. Today, his music continues to be prominent in the backdrop of our lives.  Just a couple of months ago we were treated to a surreal and transportive concert at the Wilma theater, here in Missoula.  The highlight of that evening was bringing our 14 year old daughter to her first Martin Sexton concert. We recently reached out to Mr. Sexton and broke the news to him that he was an important part of the Whiskey Leatherworks community. ...

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Red Clay Soul: Getting to Know Whiskey Leatherworks

    It’s running across brands like Whiskey Leatherworks that really get my juices flowing.  They are a small batch leather company based out of Missoula, Montana.  They create some really great leather goods by hand in a workshop.  A buddy forwarded me an image of a few of their belts, and I was hooked.  Owner Daniel Earnest and I started talking, and it was clearly obvious to me that their story needed to be shared… So straight from Missoula, here is what’s what at Whiskey Leatherworks: What is the history of Whiskey Leatherworks? In 2013, Whiskey Leatherworks began in the garage of our home. It started, quite simply, as a place to feed the creative need that our day jobs were not...

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