The Whiskey Journal, Issue 3: Interview with Martin Sexton

The Whiskey Journal, Issue 3: Interview with Martin Sexton


Recently, Whiskey Leatherworks did an interview for the fantastic southern blog- Red Clay Soul. The last question in that interview was:
"What music is playing in the Whiskey Leatherworks shop?" 

First on our list was Martin Sexton.  We have been listening to the lyrical mysticism of Mr. Sexton for the better part of 25 years. Today, his music continues to be prominent in the backdrop of our lives.  Just a couple of months ago we were treated to a surreal and transportive concert at the Wilma theater, here in Missoula.  The highlight of that evening was bringing our 14 year old daughter to her first Martin Sexton concert. 

We recently reached out to Mr. Sexton and broke the news to him that he was an important part of the Whiskey Leatherworks community.  He delighted us by doing the following interview for the 3rd Issue of The Whiskey Journal. If you find yourself on a road trip, getting from one place to another, drop a little Martin Sexton to keep you company. 

Cheers and Happy Holidays!
~Dan & Ally

1. What is it about the craft of song writing and making music that you find compelling?
A song can change the way people feel or think or act and I find that compelling. The fact that it can be done while entertaining and soothing your soul is magic. I’ve always believed that making a living with any kind of art is akin to defying gravity. 

2. How do you keep your craft fresh for you, while still doling our your classics that folks love?
 I view my songs like a set of monkey bars that can be played on differently every night. This combined with the audience’s energy and harmony keeps it fun and fresh.

3. What is the most interesting venue your music has brought you to?
I have to say there are many among the thousands of shows I’ve played over the years. The first ones to come mind would be The Fillmore San Francisco with it’s storied rock lore, Carnegie Hall NYC and all its cultural history, the sprawling Tennessee fields of Bonnaroo, or and a thousand-year-old basilica in Italy. Every night is a completely different experience and the one constant is the sound of people singing in harmony with me.

4. Do you have a favorite piece or collection that you are working on, presently, that inspires you?
Presently I’m fixin’ to get some kind of a cover record together. It’s been a Project I’ve wanted to do for years.

5. What are your interests outside of your work in music?
Good barbeque, coffee, old things and the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State (where I spend summers with my family).

6. What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?
I’d like to take my mission statement of unity through music to another level. I envision bringing it to a capacity beyond the limits of my performances, perhaps through a foundation, charity, program, etc.

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