Whiskey Journal, Issue 2: Interview with Travis Bradford

Whiskey Journal, Issue 2: Interview with Travis Bradford

Have you ever been guilty of hitting that point of boredom, during a desk-bound winter work day, where you find yourself on Youtube searching videos? One such fated day brought us together with Travis Bradford. In Montana, fishing videos can provide a short reprieve from hardcore cabin fever.  That is how we stumbled upon Creekside Media.  After a viewing a couple spirits-lifting videos of warmer weather and rising trout, we looked into the story of videographer.  To  our surprise, he was based here in Missoula.  Enter Travis Bradford into the Whiskey community.

The year was 2014 and we had just launched Whiskey Leatherworks. We were in serious need of a photographer to shoot product pics. After a couple email exchanges, we agreed to meet up with Travis, over beers, at a local brewery.  Travis' passion for what he does and depth of talent was immediately apparent. He was openly moved by the story of makers in Montana.  His sincerity and work ethic had us hooked & we remain so today.

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up shooting a video with Travis and had an opportunity to find out a little more about him.  Enjoy!   ~Dan


1. Your name, where you are from and the name of your company?
I'm Travis Bradford, I was born and raised in the city where a river runs through it, beautiful Missoula, Montana. I am the owner and operator of Creekside Media.

2. What is it about graphic artistry that you find compelling? How do you express yourself in this type of medium?
 I've always loved stories; they are a huge part of our culture and really drive the world around us. When I'm behind the camera, be it shooting photos or video, it's my opportunity to capture one of the many stories and tell it through my eyes. I started out with this whole thing by making films when I was a young skateboarder, trying to capture what we were doing in Montana. I actually feel like I know of a lot of people who have gotten into this creative realm through skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. After blowing my knee out and not being able to ride like I wanted to anymore, I picked up a fly rod for the first time in years, and ever since that day I've been pretty much addicted to it. During that whole shift in lifestyle, my subjects in my films and photos changed from skateboarders to fishermen, landscapes, and subsequently fish. Its been pretty much full steam ahead ever since. Nowadays I love helping brands tell their stories through their voice in an authentic way.

3. Why is Montana a good backdrop for your company/work?
Oh MAN, Montana... I don't know how to even begin. I've been blessed growing up in this beautiful state, being engaged with all that is has to offer since I was young. Simply put, Montana is rad. It has so much to offer for an outdoors person, it really doesn't matter what sport you do. You really just have to go out exploring for yourself. As an outdoor photographer and cinematographer, you couldn't ask for a much better backdrop than Montana. It does most of the job for me! The rugged landscape rubs off on the people who inhabit that landscape, and it's so much fun finding those stories and telling them to the world.  

4. What is your favorite piece from your previous work?
It's hard for me to pick out which film I've made is my favorite! I have a connection to them all haha. But really, for me there is such a growth process between the start and end of each piece. They always teach me something, and I have yet to not learn from a piece I've created. A couple of films that stick out would be one about Nathan Kimpell, the blacksmith who creates the belt buckles for you guys. He's a great artist and it was a pleasure watching him work. A couple of fly fishing pieces I'm proud of would be The Swing Of Things, which is about Dan Short and his love for swinging flies with a Spey rod as well as an older film I made called Seasons, which is a poetic look at fly fishing throughout the year. 

5. What are your interests outside of your work?
My absolute favorite thing is to be out immersed in nature. I absolutely love to fly fish. Its an addiction at this point. These days it seems that spey fishing with a two-handed rod is really what I want to do. That take, be it a trout or a steelhead is really hard to beat.

6. What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?
I've always wanted to be a writer, and I am currently working on a short story book that I hope to have finished in the near future! 

Link to Travis's website / Instagram
Website:  www.creeksidemediamt.com 
Instagram: @creekside_media 

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