About Us

In 2013, Whiskey Leatherworks began with friends brainstorming over a garage workbench, next to a keg of homebrew.  Our intention then was the same as it is today. We wanted to create a leather goods company of high standards, made here in Montana. Wherever possible we wanted to use American-sourced materials.  Our products needed to be rugged and refined, reflecting our love of the American West. These goods had to pair equally with pheasant hunting in a grain field and sipping whiskey at the local distillery. This was to be a company that brought together family and friends through the love of common values and appreciations.

We studied leather from several American tanneries to find quality that met our mission. Then, we handpicked a selection of leather from companies like Horween and Wicket & Craig.  We next found a crazy-talented, metalsmith in Missoula named Nathan Kimpell.  Nathan became the artist behind our hand-forged belt buckles in solid copper, bronze and stainless steel. These belts became the flagship product of Whiskey Leatherworks and remain our most popular-selling items today.  

We have recently turned the same level of attention to designing wallets, totes and other lifestyle accessories. In addition, we are putting together a line of products just for local and regional distilleries. Our standard of care and attention remains the same. We are steadfastly committed to functionality, durability and elegance in each piece that leaves our shop.

Our R & D process still involves input from friends and customers.  This type of open-minded develop means a gentle evolution of product design. Whenever called for attachment points are adjusted and hardware settings are altered. This collaboration means our one-of-a-kind pieces are embedded with the voices of our community.

With your help we will continue to create heirloom-quality goods that are lovely and strong.  Thank you for your support in creating these timeless pieces and welcome to our Whiskey Leatherworks family.


Warm Regards,


Daniel & Ally 

Missoula, Montana USA 

Autumn 2018