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Adjustable Length Dog Leashes

Adjustable Length Dog Leashes

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Photography by Chris Chapman @chris_chapman406

We are very excited to share our Adjustable Print Dog Leashes! We designed this leash from our own desire for flexibility. These leashes are adjustable between 3 and 5 feet. We find it especially convenient to modify our dogs' leash length when walking, running, or biking. As easy as it is to adjust, once set at your desired length, it will not slide no matter how strong your dog is.  

This leash is built to last.  All solid brass hardware. No plastic "hardware".  These leashes are made from highly durable, 1" webbing.  The leather is a 6/7 ounce Latigo leather, which is exceptional in the harsh outdoor conditions of the Rocky Mountains and beyond. 

The 1" bolt snap is made in Italy of solid brass. The 1" adjustable slide and the 1" single loop that attaches the handle to the webbing are solid brass as well. 

Maximum Length: 5 ft.

Minimum Length: 3 ft.


If you have purchased a collar or leash from us in the past, and you do not see the rivets below, please contact us.  Some fasteners have not lived up to the quality that we strive for.
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