Small batch, handmade leather goods. Built to pass down not to break down.

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Red Clay Soul: Getting to Know Whiskey Leatherworks

    It’s running across brands like Whiskey Leatherworks that really get my juices flowing.  They are a small batch leather company based out of Missoula, Montana.  They create some really great leather goods by hand in a workshop.  A buddy forwarded me an image of a few of their belts, and I was hooked.  Owner Daniel Earnest and I started talking, and it was clearly obvious to me that their story needed to be shared… So straight from Missoula, here is what’s what at Whiskey Leatherworks: What is the history of Whiskey Leatherworks? In 2013, Whiskey Leatherworks began in the garage of our home. It started, quite simply, as a place to feed the creative need that our day jobs were not...

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