Whiskey Journal, Issue 1: Interview with Casey Underwood

Whiskey Journal, Issue 1: Interview with Casey Underwood

Casey Underwood
In 2018, Whiskey Leatherworks reached out to Bozeman graphic artist, Casey Underwood. Soon thereafter, we embarked on a partnership to create graphics for our Fish and Upland Print products. We have always been impressed by the amount of detail and unique characteristics that Casey embeds into his work and we were thrilled when he took on this project.

We recently made some time to catch up with Casey and find out a little more about his inspiration, his goals and his ethos.
1. Your name, where you are from and the name of your company?

My name is Casey Underwood, I live in Bozeman, Montana and I am the owner and artist behind Casey Underwood Artwork & Design. 

2. What is it about graphic artistry that you find compelling? How do you express yourself in this type of medium?

It actually all has to do with space. A number of years ago, my wife and I moved into a tiny basement apartment in Seattle, WA. I no longer had a studio to spread out and work on my paintings, so I adapted and purchased a digital painting tablet off of craigslist for $30 and got to work at our dining room table. Little did I know that digital painting would suit my style more than any other medium. My work has always revolved around lines. I use lines to create detail and shadow and I use layers of colored lines to create tonal gradients. Digital painting allows me to exercise this technique very efficiently by layering lines instantaneously, rather than having to wait for a layer of paint to dry before adding a new layer on top of it.

3. Why is Montana a good backdrop for your company/work?

For one, it suits me and my wife's lifestyle of fly fishing and spending time outdoors, but overall, its simply a place that makes me deeply happy and content which I believe translates directly into my work ethic and desire to create. Since Montana is somewhat of a hub for outdoor recreation, it is also a relevant place for me to be considering I work exclusively with consumers and companies in the outdoor industry. 

4. What is your favorite piece from your previous work?

Usually every new piece I create is my new favorite. So my answer to that question could likely change a few times within the next week haha. In all honesty, I see growth and improvement with my work on a daily basis. If you do something a lot, you naturally continue to improve. Most people probably cant tell a difference between something I drew six months ago and something I drew this morning, but I can, and I really enjoy seeing my growth as an artist. 

5. What are your interests outside of your work?

My wife and I love to fly fish and ski. In the spring, summer, fall, we spend a lot of time driving down long dirt roads, investigating new watersheds, camping and finding fish that don't get fished to very often. In the winter we ski. I also love to tie flies, which I do a lot of in the winter as well. 

6. What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?

Artistically, Ive always wanted to paint a airplane to look like a trout or salmon. Alaska Airline put a salmon on a plane one time, but I think I could do a much better job. Maybe a big Brown Trout on Air New Zealand or something like that.  I also love football, and I'd love to convince an NFL player to let me paint their cleats with a fish pattern... Maybe there is a Seattle Seahawks player who loves to Steelhead out on the Olympic Peninsula. Im sure that person would love to rock some Steelhead cleats. Other than then those two shots in the dark, there are a number of big trips my wife and I want to cross off the list together someday. Life is good! 

Link to Casey's website / Instagram

website: caseyunderwood.com
instagram: @cpunderwood
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