Belt Strap Options

Please explore the leather options:

Natural Brown Chromexcel  Highest quality and unmistakably beautiful. These are two characteristics distinctive of leather from The Horween Tannery.  For over 90 years, Horween has used the same artisanal hot-stuffing formula to infuse their Chromexcel leathers with an oil and wax blend to create an extremely rich, buttery, and durable leather, which is hand-stained. This heritage leather features natural leather grain, exhibits a rich pull-up, and retains softness & color for generations. These Natural Brown Chromexcel straps are 8-10 oz. in weight, buttery & supple. This leather will quickly become your go-to belt from day one. 

Horween Black Chromexcel The Black Chromexcel straps are finished with the same tanning process as the Natural Brown Chromexcel straps- buttery and beefy.  Heavy 8-10 oz. in weight, this leather is soft and supple. A Black Chromexcel belt is well-suited to be a top-shelf, daily go-to belt.

Black Latigo  If you are looking for a belt that is strong, flexible, and exceedingly handsome, Latigo leather is a natural choice.  Horween Latigo results from a two-step tanning process tanning that combines a chrome-tanned base and with a heavy vegetable re-tan. This results in the refined yet, natural, look. Each of these straps is 8-10 oz in weight and will last a lifetime.

Natural Veg Tan The Herman Oak Tannery is notorious for producing some of the best natural veg-tan leather in the industry.  These full-grain straps are 8-9 oz in weight and like all our natural veg-tan leather products, the Natural Veg Tan will develop a gorgeous patina with time.

Dark Brown English Bridle If you are enamored by the best English Bridle leather available, look no further than Wickett & Craig.  These full-grain straps are 8-10 oz. in weight. They are flexible, yet highly durable.  The classic characteristics of English Bridle leather.   

Crazy Horse Buffalo The Crazy Horse Buffalo strap was the first in our Buffalo leather collection.  Eye-catching pull-up was the very first thing that we noticed.  We brought a side into the shop, built several prototypes, and sent them out to friends for authentic feedback.  It didn’t take long to realize that this leather would be a staple in our line-up.  The veg-tanned Buffalo straps are 8-9 oz in weight, sturdy, flexible, and have stunning pull-up with lighter undertones highlighted when flexed.

Crazy Horse Gray Buffalo  We added Crazy Horse Gray Buffalo leather straps following overwhelming feedback received from the Crazy Horse Buffalo belts.  They have the same 8-9 oz. weight, sturdy and flexible.  The elephant gray color reveals a light gray pull-up effect when bent.

Indigo Blue Buffalo  We have always been attracted to the color of indigo. For this reason, when we came across this leather, we added it immediately as an offering. Each of the veg-tanned, 8-9 oz. straps are beefy, robust, and flexible.  The dark indigo color reveals a light blue pull-up effect when bent. This leather is characteristically one of a kind, yet still manages to go with everything.

Brown Buffalo  No wardrobe is complete without a classic brown belt that is as durable as it is attractive.  The veg-tanned Buffalo straps are 8-9 oz in weight, sturdy, flexible. The Brown Buffalo leather has a consistent color. rather than a pull-up effect of our other buffalo leather belts.

Horween Brown Latigo Horween Brown Latigo is a combination tanned leather with a full vegetable re-tan which is then well-nourished with a rich proprietary blended oil emulsion. Each strap is 8-9 oz. in weight and is characterized by beautiful tight grain. The Brown Latigo retains its toughness while showing a rich look that improves with age and use.