Find Your Whiskey Leatherworks Belt Size


 There are two ways to size a Whiskey Leatherworks belt.  The most accurate way is to measure the length of a current belt you own.  This is done by measuring the length from the end of the buckle to your most frequently used hole.  Please refer to this VIDEO and diagram below see how to accurately measure the length of your current belt.

The second way is to use your denim jean waist size.  This method is less accurate because denim manufacturers’ waist sizes can vary. However, we have found you can still get good results using this method if you have no way to measure your current belt or our belt is going to be a gift.  Use those measurements and the chart at the top of this page to determine your Whiskey Leatherworks belt size.  If you have any questions or would like to order a custom sized belt, please contact us via  EMAIL.