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Ski Belts

Cover Page Photography Connor Tieulie @connortieulie
 Product Photography by Paisley Turner @paisleygturner 
 Skiing runs deep in the veins of Whiskey Leatherworks and we are ecstatic to launch our Ski Belt collection, featuring the artwork of legendary ski map artist James Niehues.
James' approach to map-making has defined the terrain of an entire sport. Through his exacting and meticulous process, he has guided millions of skiers with his trail maps. These maps capture the unique character and soul of the landscapes. Given his work and its impact on the entire industry, James was recently nominated to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. 
- “Jim has played such a huge role in the development of our sport and there are so many, like me, who have been deeply influenced by Jim and his art. His maps are important, even vital, for everyone whose heart and soul revolves around the sport of skiing.” —Chris Davenport, Two-time World Champion Professional Skier
Artist Photography by Lindsay Pierce Martin

We found the perfect buckle pairing in COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN TM of Austria. The leather end pieces are full-grain, chrome-tanned leather; each piece is stitched one at a time in our shop. The vibrant artwork has been sublimated into the webbing, here in the USA.
These belts are built to be worn on and off the mountain.