Chris Eyer

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Chris Eyer is a 4th generation Montanan that packs his string of 9 mules through the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Bitterroot Wilderness for outfitters, the U.S. Forest Service, a couple of nonprofit trail crew organizations, and of course for his friends. He moves just about anything you could imagine: hay, grain, gear, tools, food, lumber, rafts, gravel, rocks, concrete, portable toilets, people, mattresses, dead animals (bear, deer, elk, goats, moose, sheep) oars, coolers, kayaks, and the list goes on… In designated Wilderness areas the only way things can be moved is either by human or hoof. No machines. No wheels. Anything that can’t be carried by a human goes in on the back of a mule or horse. And he uses a Whiskey Leatherworks belt to hold up his pants on every trip!

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